Great Youtube Channels To Follow - engineerguy

Posted on Mo 15 Februar 2016 in Video • Tagged with youtube, recommendation, video

Bill Hammack, a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Illinois, is also known as the face behind the youtube channel engineerguy. In his videos he explains different technological achievements that you may take for granted in everyday life or which might looked like pure magic if you try to guess how it acutally works.

Great Youtube Channels To Follow - CGP Grey

Posted on Fr 12 Februar 2016 in Video • Tagged with youtube, recommendation, video

CGP Grey talks about many different topics covering amongst others politics, economics or even Lord of the Rings. He is known for his animation style with stick figures, speaking fast and an irregular schedule (it can be months between videos). But the videos that result from his approach are always high quality and strike the right balance between entertainment and education. They help convey topics that can be very dry like different election systems or the intricacies of borders of certain countries in such a manner that at the end of the video you want to learn more.

Python Ressources

Posted on Mi 07 Oktober 2015 in Python • Tagged with overview, python

Python is a great languager to start learning programming. It helps you get started quickly and produce easy to understand code. As one of the most popular programming languages with Java and the C family, it also has a lot of helpful ressources on the web and a great collection of third-party libraries to do even more in Python. This article is a collection of ressources that I found interesting as a beginner but also a few that helped me with more advanced topics like properly packaging your project to distribute it to others.


First of make sure that the examples in the books are using Python 3. It was released in 2008 and except in special cases (when you need a library that is only available for Python 2) should be used to start learning Python.

For beginners:

Web applications

I personally only had to create smaller web application. For this reason I choose the lightweight Flask. If you want look at at the very popular Django or one of the many other alternatives like Bottle andPyramid.


If you think other might want to run your Python project and it's bigger than a single file and/or it depends on many third-party libraries, then you might be time to take a look at how you can distribute your package on the Python Package Index which make installing your package as easy as just running your command

pip install <yourpackage>

to install it on a new computer with all its dependencies. How to proberly package your package can be quite difficult. That's why yould look at the following ressources first to find out how best to strucutre your project files and tests, provide documentation and configure the setup script for example.


This is a collection of links that are left over because they didn't fit into any other category.